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Welcome to Kristen's Keys. Find your free piano and music lessons here! Everything you need is right at your fingertips; there are YouTube video lessons for you to watch and dittos for you to download too. The lessons are easy to follow and perfect for the beginning student. And extra activities are always included for the youngest of learners. If you have any questions, please post them in the YouTube lesson comment box. Thank you - and Happy Playing!




Lesson 1: Piano Fingers

Ditto 1 - Piano Fingers

Ditto 1 (ANSWER KEY)

Lesson 2: The Music Alphabet & Finding Notes on the Piano

Ditto 1 - The Music Alphabet

Ditto 2 - Black Key Groupings

Ditto 2 (ANSWER KEY)

Ditto 3 - Finding C, D and E

Ditto 3 (ANSWER KEY)

Ditto 4 - Finding G and A

Ditto 4 (ANSWER KEY)

Ditto 5 - Finding F and B

Ditto 5 (ANSWER KEY)

Ditto 6 - Quiz

Ditto 6 (ANSWER KEY)

Lesson 3: Playing Your First Song

Ditto 1 - "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Lesson 4: Playing Your First Scale - The C Major Scale

Ditto 1 - The C Major Scale: Right Hand

Ditto 2 - The C Major Scale: Left Hand

Lesson 5: The Grand Staff and Reading Music

Ditto 1 - The Grand Staff

Ditto 2 - Getting Started With Notes On The Grand Staff

Ditto 3 - Treble Clef Shortcuts

Ditto 4 - Bass Clef Shortcuts